Kalena Celluloid guitar picks 6 pack assorted colors

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    Celluloid pick

    • Kalena Premium Quality Celluloid Picks are made for comfort and high-performance, nice sound & feel.
    • Comfortable to hold this traditional shape
    • High quality celluloid classic guitar picks provide a natural feel, smooth and warm fat tone for easy playability on electric, acoustic, bass guitar, banjo or ukulele
    • Variety of Thicknesses to choose: Thin picks are great for speed picking heavy metal style music. Medium picks are ideal for the player looking for a warmer tone of a heavy pick, but the flexibility of a thin pick. Great for blues guitar. Heavy picks are all about tone. Great for bass players or for the jazz guitar player who has mastered control. Also great for those looking to get that classic glassy guitar tone.
    • Kalena picks are so stunning to look at you may not even want to use them. Display these picks on a bracelet or necklace. 

    Kalena Celluloid guitar picks 6 pack assorted colors



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