Kalena Left Handed Vintage Sapele Ukulele Complete Set

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    • Complete Set Accessory Option Includes:
    Left Handed Sapele Vintage Ukulele
    Top: Saplele $109.95/$119.95/$129.95
    B&S: Sapele $12.99/$14.99/$16.99
    Strings: Aquila $5.99
    Keys: Diecast $2.00
    F&B: Rosewood $7.99
    Strap pins: X2 $10.00
    Color: Vintage $3.99
    Comparable Value $152.91/$164.91/$176.91
    Sale Price $109.95/$119.95/$129.95



    Sapele’s tonal output is consistent and balanced across the tonal spectrum, making it compatible with a diverse range of playing styles. It’s comparable to mahogany but its higher density tends to produce a slightly brighter sound with more top-end shimmer.


    Check out this outstanding review and demonstration by Daniel Flores

    left handed ukulele

    Great Sound

    Kalena Ukuleles with Aquila SuperNylgut Strings and 18:1 ratio high quality chrome tuning machine heads keep your ukulele playing in perfect tune. The strings are soft and the 1.8mm fret wire is smooth to touch with a very clear, round tone. Get in tune and stay in tune! Get your musical ideas flowing without the hassles of tuning.


    Sapele Top, Back, & Sides

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    Kalena Left Handed Vintage Sapele Ukulele Complete Set



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