Music Lessons


Kalena offers both private and group lessons for kids and adults! Learn ukulele, guitar or piano! The affordable $85 Monthly rate includes a 40 minute class per week. The 5th week is on us where applicable. Seniors get a $10 discount! 30min and 60min private lessons are booked one at a time. You can put multiple bookings into the cart before checkout! 

We know you have choices and we want to show you how great our instruction is! First lesson is FREE when signing up for one month of classes or private lessons. Use discount code "freelesson" at checkout! Limit one use per customer. $32.50 discount!

Available now at Pearlridge Center in Aiea, Hawaii

MUSIC LESSONS develop great habits!

Self-discipline comes naturally when learning an instrument! Music lessons at any age are a fun way to:
  • keep up with others
  • act with kindness and patience
  • Set a goal and reach it! Feel proud of every achievement!

MUSIC LESSONS require commitment!

We only improve through daily practice and commitment. 

LEARN MORE than just how to play an instrument

Music and math go hand in hand. Learn patterns, fractions, and other useful math skills through learning music.

The price is right!

Group lessons for only $85 a month or a private lesson for only $32.50 can totally transform your life! Start on a musical adventure that will help you develop in a positive way. Group classes are 40min long and meet once per week. Private lessons are 30 or 60 minutes long. 
Don’t be shy! Show them your talent! Be a star!

Get the exact results you want!

Have direct communication with our teachers and help them understand your individual learning needs.

Convenient location!

Located in beautiful Pearlridge Center, where you can shop or relax in the food court during the 40 min lesson.