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Kalena inspection Checklist:

Instrument setup is applicable to all wood stringed instruments. ABS thermoplastic instruments don't require setup and receive our detailed QC tests for factory defects. 

Instrument Handling

  • climate acclimation & professional handling
    1. Our instruments are stored in a climate controlled facility prior to being inspected for sale. Humidity controlled environment

Inspection for visual defects

  • Inspect body for factory defects
  • Fingerboard surface of ukulele, guitar, bass, etc (look down neck for visible warping)
  • Key placement for pianos
  • Neck & neck joint of stringed Instruments 
  • Strings
  • Plastic parts
  • Hardware
  • Inlays & Binding
  • Nut & Saddle
  • Headstock


  • Motion/vibration test
  • Bridge
  • Tuning machines
    1. We check to make sure the keys turn smoothly
    2. We tighten the nuts to ensure the washers don't vibrate while playing.
  • Strap pins
  • Truss rod and cover
  • Pickguard

Additional Checks for Electric Instruments

  • Output jack
    1. We plug it in and listen for:
      • loose connections
      • unbalanced tone of strings or keys
      • distortion
  • Switches (including buttons on preamps)
    1. Check EQ and/or built in tuner.
    2. Battery (batteries not installed for air shipments)
    3. check presence control (on selected models)
  • Pickups
  • Onboard effects (if any)
  • MIDI and USB connections on applicable keyboards 

Playability of all stringed instruments.

  • Check tuning machines & tune to pitch
  • Stretch strings & tune to pitch
  • String & saddle position set to industry standard
  • Neck relief is accurate 
  • Frets dressed properly
    1. Fret wire smooth to the touch
    2. fretboard is smooth and installed correctly
  • Action (string height) must meet  the industry standard for that instrument. ie. ukuleles are set around 3mm on the 12th fret. Setting too low may cause buzzing and is not advised. 
  • Intonation (natural harmonic vs. pressure testing on each string)
  • Pickup height (for electric solid body instruments)
  • Bridge & Tremolo system
  • Play test notes, chords

Gig Bags and Cases

  • Check for visual defects
  • Cut hanging strings
  • Check zippers and zipper heads

Tune and Polish Stringed Instruments

  • Tune to pitch
  • Polish instrument
    1. Clean any factory dust off exterior
    2. examine fretboard and do routine wipe-down 


  • Inspect/refresh packing material, repack as needed
  • Store in climate-controlled warehouse
  • Insert instrument in gig bag, bubble wrap, or case If possible before boxing for added protection.
  • wrap box or double box for shipping