Kalena ABS Thermoplastic Pineapple 23” Concert Ukulele

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  • Color
    Rosewood ABS
    Sunburst ABS
    Ebony ABS
    Yellow Pineapple ABS



      • Full 23" Concert size
      • Strong ABS Construction. Drop-safe, weather-proof!
      • Real acoustic sound!
      • Realistic high gloss finish!


      kalena abs ukulele




      Why are people going crazy for these ABS instruments?

      This is a real ukulele made out of ABS thermoplastic material, which is resilient to extreme weather and all around an extremely durable material. It’s suitable for outdoor applications like playing at the beach, hiking, playing on the grass or in the park. It sounds and plays like a real wood ukulele! Feel at ease taking it anywhere! 23” concert size is suitable for all ages 3+ 



      Why is ABS used so often?

      ABS has a strong resistance to corrosive chemicals and/or physical impacts. ABS is used in a large number of applications across a wide range of industries. ABS is very structurally sturdy, which is why it is used in things like camera housings, protective housings, and packaging. If you need an inexpensive, strong, stiff plastic that holds up well to external impacts, ABS is a good choice. 

      Is it safe for my child?

      ABS is a proven safe material often used in making stronger children’s toys. It doesn’t give off any strong chemical odor. It doesn’t flake or chip easily like cheaper conventional plastics. 

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      Kalena ABS Thermoplastic Pineapple 23” Concert Ukulele



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