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Kalena Electric Guitar Strings

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  • Gauge

        Nickel-plated steel

    • Advanced hexagonal steel core
    • Nickel-plated alloy
    • Anti-rust coating

    Advanced String Technology


    High-Carbon Steel Wire 

    High-carbon steel has very high tensile strength, hardness, elastic limit and fatigue limit. Strings made of this material are slack-resisting, resilient, smooth, rust-proof and thus have excellent acoustic performance.
    Hexagonal Core
    Hexagonal cores are made of high-carbon steel, they have advanced physical performance. Moreover, they are plated with a protective film, which resists corrosion and thus extends tone life. These cores are hexagon in cross-section; windings on them are tighter and less likely to get loose. They improve tuning stability, flexibility and reduce breakage.Made of these cores, high-end wound strings deliver pure, crisp-clear timber and rich harmonics.

    Nickel Alloy Winding With Anti-Rust Coating

    These composite alloy wires are plated with Nickel and on top a special anti-rust coating. Strings made of these wires present exceptional timbre, comfortable feel and good durability. The vivid coating gives the strings a stunning appearance and are loved by more and more musicians worldwide. 

    Plain strings are made of nickel-plated steel. Wound strings are made of advanced hexagonal steel core, and nickel-plated alloy. Produced by precision machinery, they feature a higher standard of anti-oxidation, electromagnetic efficiency, steadiness. They are loved by musicians for their crisp-transparent timbre, definite layer expression, and comfortable feel. With anti-rust coating, these strings last much longer before oxidation sets in. A production of automatic winding machines, consistent in quality and performance.

    Kalena Strings

    Kalena Electric Guitar Strings

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