Kalena Acoustic Guitar Strings

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  • Hexagonal steel core
  • Phosphor bronze winding.
  • Anti-rust coating for long life

Advanced String Technology


High-Carbon Steel Wire 

High-carbon steel has very high tensile strength, hardness, elastic limit and fatigue limit. Strings made of this material are slack-resisting, resilient, smooth, rust-proof and thus have excellent acoustic performance.
Hexagonal Core
Hexagonal cores are made of high-carbon steel, they have advanced physical performance. Moreover, they are plated with a protective film, which resists corrosion and thus extends tone life. These cores are hexagon in cross-section; windings on them are tighter and less likely to get loose. They improve tuning stability, flexibility and reduce breakage.Made of these cores, high-end wound strings deliver pure, crisp-clear timber and rich harmonics.

Phosphor Bronze Winding With Anti-Rust Coating

These Phosphor Bronze wires have a special anti-rust coating. Strings made of these wires present exceptional timbre, comfortable feel and good durability. Phosphor Bronze is appealing in appearance and loved by more and more musicians worldwide. 

Kalena Strings

Kalena Acoustic Guitar Strings



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