My First Piano Adventure Lesson Book B with Online Audio

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  • Publisher: Faber Piano Adventures
    Composers: Nancy Faber, Randall Faber
    Piano Level: Young Beginner - Steps on the Staff

    Book B of the Fabers' method for the young beginner moves the student into staff-reading. Music notation is explored through stepwise directional reading, pattern recognition, and changing hand positions, all in the context of engaging songs, games and creative exploration at the piano. Maintaining the child-centered philosophy of the series, the “friends at the piano” from the A Books introduce students to the music of two new composer friends – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven. Classic themes share the stage with contemporary pop and jazz sounds for young ears to absorb and enjoy. The Book B audio presents a vibrant mix of sounds, from boogie to Beethoven. The tracks serve as a listening resource which educates and as accompaniment tracks for play-along.


    • A-B Bop
    • Airplane Pilot
    • Alley Cat Choir
    • Beethoven's Door
    • Crane for R.H.
    • Finger Trick 1
    • Finger Trick 2
    • Friends at the Piano
    • Gallop, Pony
    • Giddy-Up Pony!
    • Gliding Goldfish
    • Hide-and-Seek
    • Hot Chocolate, Whipped-Cream Day
    • Hush, Little Baby
    • I Would Like to go to Mars
    • Ice Cream Dog
    • King of the Land
    • Knock! Knock!
    • Ludwig's Theme
    • Mozart's Musical Patterns
    • Octave Blues
    • Ode to Joy
    • On My Two-Wheeler
    • Pearl in the C
    • Pet Dragon
    • Picnic with Friends
    • Pilot, Land Your Plane
    • Pumpkin Party
    • Ride the “A” Train
    • Rock It and Roll It
    • Russian Folk Dance
    • Scotland Bells
    • Sounds of Beethoven
    • Steam Shovel for L.H.
    • Tambourine Party
    • Tap, Be Nimble
    • The King's Cat
    • The Queen's Cat
    • This is My C Scale
    • Tooth Fairy
    • Tub Time!
    • Tucker's Secret Life
    • Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (Theme and Variations)
    • Wolfgang's Theme
    • Write, Beethoven

    Series: Faber Piano Adventures®
    Format: Softcover Audio Online
    Width: 9.0"
    Length: 12.0"
    88 pages

    My First Piano Adventure Lesson Book B with Online Audio



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