The Complete Ukulele Method Complete Edition

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  • By Greg Horne and Shana Aisenberg / ed. Daniel Ho

    Ukulele Book & Online Audio

    Beginning Ukulele, Intermediate Ukulele, and Mastering Ukulele together in one complete, comprehensive instruction book dedicated to revealing the secrets of the ukulele!

    Anyone interested in playing ukulele can pick up this fun, well-paced method and get started right away. Learn everything you need to know, including chords, strumming, picking, basic music theory, and reading tablature (TAB) and standard music notation. Featuring practice tips and other important issues for the beginning ukulelist, this comprehensive edition takes you from the absolute beginner level up to advanced chords and chord-melody playing. Play classics like "Amazing Grace," "Greensleeves," "When the Saints Go Marching In," and "The Star-Spangled Banner," and develop your skills to include jazz improvisation. Whether you are just starting to play ukulele or are an advanced player looking to improve your playing, this is the one book you need. Guitarists looking to expand their musical horizons will also find this to be the perfect introduction to the ukulele.

    * Examples in easy-to-read TAB and standard music notation
    * Large chord and scale diagrams
    * Plenty of fun examples to play in a variety of musical styles
    * Lessons on classic ukulele strums, such as the split strum, triple strum, and triple burst strum
    * All essential left-hand ukulele techniques, including hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides
    * Includes online audio with over 150 minutes of demonstrations by ukulele virtuoso Daniel Ho.

    About the Authors
    Chapter 1---Getting Started
    Lesson 1: Know Your Uke
    Lesson 2: Reading Tablature
    Mary Had a Border Collie
    Lesson 3: The Notes on the Fretboard
    Chapter 2---Strum, Strum, Strum
    Lesson 1: Your First Chords
    Lesson 2: Changing Chords
    Lesson 3: Play Some Real Songs
    Oh! Susanna
    When the Saints Go Marching In
    Lesson 4: Spice Up Your Strumming
    Lesson 5: More Chords More Chords
    My Dear, Dear Mama from Madeira
    Wai O Ke Aniani (Crystal Water)
    Lesson 6: Minor Chords
    It's Only a Minor Inconvenience
    Lesson 7: Waltz Time 3/4
    Amazing Grace
    Lesson 8: Right-Hand Tools and Techniques
    Chapter 3---Reading Standard Music Notation
    Lesson 1: The Notes and the Staff
    Lesson 2: The Natural Notes on the 3rd and 2nd Strings
    Lesson 3: Time
    Go Tell Aunt Rhody
    Lesson 4: Rests
    Lesson 5: Dotted Half Notes
    When the Saints Go Marching In
    Lesson 6: Natural Notes on the 1st String
    Lesson 7: The C Major Scale
    Lesson 8: Eighth Notes (Of Course)
    Lesson 9: Dotted Quarter Notes
    Ode to Joy
    Lesson 10: Sharps and Flats
    Raised by Gypsies
    Lesson 11: Accidentals in a Key Signature
    Red River Valley
    Lesson 12: Ties
    King on the Beach
    Lesson 13: Navigating a Musical Map
    Chapter 4---Theory Without Fear, or a Little Knowledge Can Get You Jamming
    Lesson 1: The Major Scale Is Your Measuring Stick
    Lesson 2: The Circle of 5ths
    Lesson 3: Intervals Are Your Building Blocks
    Lesson 4: Harmony and Chords
    Chapter 5---Old-Time Ukulele and Backing Up Fiddle Tunes
    Lesson 1: Strum Patterns and a Tune in G
    This Hammer's Too Heavy
    Lesson 2: Accenting the Backbeat, the E and E7 Chords, and Sally Ann in A
    Sally Ann
    Lesson 3: Fiddle Tune Form and Soldier's Joy in D
    Soldier's Joy
    Chapter 6---Old School: The Swingin' Ukulele
    Lesson 1: How to Swing
    Lesson 2: Sixes and Sevens and Chords
    Lesson 3: The Circle of 5ths Progression
    How Will I Ever Learn to Charleston If I Can't Even Tie My Own Shoes?
    Lesson 4: The Triple Strum
    The Secret Handshake Rag
    Lesson 5: The Triple Burst Strum
    Hitch in My Git-Along Rag
    Chapter 7---Rocking Out the Uke
    Lesson 1: The Syncopated Strum
    My Feet Hurt (Oy! Sole Blisters!)
    Autoharp Sale (Replace Old Zithers!)
    Dreams of Summer on a Gloomy Day (Haze, Cold, Misters)
    Lesson 2: Adding Percussion with Mute Strokes
    Lesson 3: Moveable Chord Forms, or How I Learned to Be My Own Chord Dictionary
    In My Spare Time with No Money Down!
    Lesson 4: Using Moveable Chords, Left-Hand Mute Strokes, Reggae, and Soul
    Who Wants a Cool Beverage?
    Uke Got Soul
    Chapter 8---Taking It Home: Island Style
    Aloha 'Oe
    Lesson 1: New Strums
    Hula for Ho'opi'i
    Chapter 9---Ukulele Blues
    Lesson 1: The 12-Bar Blues
    Lesson 2: Memorizing the 12-Bar Blues
    Lesson 3: The Blues Shuffle Rhythm
    Shufflin' Through the Blues in A
    Lesson 4: The Minor Pentatonic Scale
    Lesson 5: Transposition
    Lesson 6: Transposing the Blues and the Minor Pentatonic Scale
    12-Bar Blues in C (a Bouncy C!)
    Lesson 7: Blues in a Minor Key
    Nunmoor Blues: A 12-Bar Blues in A Minor
    Chapter 10---Introduction to Fingerstyle
    Lesson 1: The Right-Hand Position
    Lesson 2: Arpeggio Pattern T-I-M-A
    Lesson 3: Middle and Ring Fingers Together
    Lesson 4: Fingerpicking in 3/4
    Lesson 5: Alternating-Thumb Pattern T-I-T-M
    Chapter 11---Getting Ready for the Next Level
    Musical Expression
    Low-G Tuning
    How to Practice
    Organizing a Practice Session
    Buy a Metronome
    Conclusion and Resources for Further Study
    Chapter 1---The World A'Chording to Uke
    Lesson 1: Theory and Major Triad Inversions
    Lesson 2: Minor Inversions
    Lesson 3: Diminished and Augmented Triads
    Lesson 4: Dominant 7th Chords
    Lesson 5: Diminished 7th Chords
    Lesson 6: I-IV-V Progressions Using Moveable Shapes
    Louie's Wild Thing
    Lesson 7: I-vi-ii-V
    There Must Be Fifty Ways (to Leave the Fifties)
    There Must Be Fifty Ways (to Leave the Fifties) in F
    Lesson 8: i-VII-VI
    All Along the Stairway
    All Along the Stairway in D Minor
    Chapter 2---Expanding Your Groove Palette
    Lesson 1: Groove Concepts
    Lesson 2: Rhythms Using Triplets
    Lesson 3: 3+3+2
    Lesson 4: Split Strum
    Lesson 5: Bo Diddley Beat, or Clave
    Lesson 6: 3/4 and 6/8 Time Signatures
    Chapter 3---Kind of Blue
    Lesson 1: 12-Bar Blues
    Lesson 2: 16-Bar Blues
    Lesson 3: 8-Bar Blues
    Lesson 4: Turnarounds
    Lesson 5: Circle of 5ths Blues Progressions
    Salty Dog Blues
    Lesson 6: Jazzin' the Blues
    Lesson 7: 16-Bar Ragtime Blues
    Alice's Red Hot Electric Rag
    Chapter 4---Melodic Playing
    Lesson 1: Open-Position Scales
    Lesson 2: Playing Melodies
    Amazing Grace
    Red River Valley
    Lesson 3: Scales up the Neck
    Lesson 4: Aura Lee
    Aura Lee
    Lesson 5: Oh! Susanna
    Oh! Susanna
    Chapter 5---3rds and 6ths
    Lesson 1: 3rds
    Ode to Joy (Harmonized in 3rds)
    Lesson 2: 6ths
    Ode to Joy (Harmonized in 6ths)
    Chapter 6---Fingerstyle Uke
    Lesson 1: Fingerpicking Patterns
    Lesson 2: Alice's Red Hot Electric Rag (Fingerstyle Version)
    Alice's Red Hot Electric Rag (Fingerstyle Version)
    Lesson 3: Banjo Rolls
    Rolling Down That Long Lonesome Road
    Lesson 4: Fingerpicking in 3/4 and 6/8 Time
    Lesson 5: House of the Rising Uke
    House of the Rising Uke
    Chapter 7---On the Other Hand: Tricks and Techniques for the Fretting Hand
    Lesson 1: Hammer-Ons
    Lesson 2: Pull-Offs
    Lesson 3: Combining Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs
    Lesson 4: Slides
    Lesson 5: Bending Strings and Vibrato
    Lesson 6: Ashgrove (Using Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs)
    Lesson 7: Sitting on Top of the World (Using Sliding)
    Sitting on Top of the World
    Chapter 8---Chord-Melody
    Lesson 1: Chord-Melody Style
    Oh! Susanna (Chord-Melody)
    Lesson 2: Amazing Grace (Chord-Melody)
    Amazing Grace (Chord-Melody)
    Lesson 3: Ashgrove (Chord-Melody)
    Ashgrove (Chord-Melody)
    Lesson 4: Greensleeves (Chord-Melody)
    Greensleeves (Chord-Melody)
    Chapter 9---Getting Jazzy 53
    Lesson 1: Everything You Wanted to Know About Jazz
    Lesson 2: Has Anybody Seen My Uke? (32-Bar Progression)
    Has Anybody Seen My Uke?
    Lesson 3: Uke's Got Rhythm Changes
    Uke's Got Rhythm
    Lesson 4: Gypsy Jazz
    Chapter 10---Let's Jam
    Lesson 1: Jamming On the Blues
    Lesson 2: Pentatonic Scales
    Lesson 3: Soloing Using the Minor Pentatonic Scale
    Lesson 4: Soloing Using the Major Pentatonic Scale
    Lesson 5: Combining Major Pentatonic, Minor Pentatonic, and Blues Scales in a Solo
    Chapter 1---The World A'Chording to Uke
    Lesson 1: The Harmonized Major Scale
    Lesson 2: Four Types of 7th Chord Inversions
    Lesson 3: Major and Minor 6th Inversions
    Lesson 4: Suspended Chords
    Lesson 5: What Are All Those Other Numbers, Anyway?
    Lesson 6: ii-V-I Progression
    Chapter 2---Arranging Chord-Melody Style up the Neck
    Lesson 1: Chord Scale
    Lesson 2: When the Saints Go Marching In (Chord-Melody)
    When the Saints Go Marching In (Chord-Melody)
    Lesson 3: The Star-Spangled Banner (Chord-Melody)
    The Star-Spangled Banner (Chord-Melody)
    Lesson 4: Jazzin' the Blues (Chord-Melody)
    Chapter 3---Yet More Strums and Techniques
    Lesson 1: Reviewing Triples, Bursts, and Split Strums
    Lesson 2: The Fan Stroke
    Lesson 3: The Fan Stroke Continued
    Lesson 4: One-Finger Tremolo
    Lesson 5: Rasgueados
    Big Flamenco Workout
    Chapter 4---Old-School Fancy: Traditional Ragtime, Jazz, and Hawaiian
    Lesson 1: Aloha 'Oe
    Aloha 'Oe
    Lesson 2: Raggin' on 12th Street
    Raggin' on 12th Street
    Lesson 3: A Tune in the Formby Style
    George on Holiday
    Lesson 4: Autumn Has Left
    Autumn Has Left
    Lesson 5: Has Anybody Seen My Uke?
    Has Anybody Seen My Uke?
    Lesson 6: A New Triple Strum from the Islands
    The Breeze Through the Trees Blows with Ease
    Chapter 5---Scales and Arpeggios: Positions up the Neck
    Lesson 1: Major Scale Positions
    Lesson 2: À La Mode
    Lesson 3: Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales
    Lesson 4: Arpeggios
    Lesson 5: Scale and Arpeggio Practice Ideas
    Chapter 6---Fingerstyle
    Lesson 1: House of the Rising Sun (Chord-Melody)
    House of the Rising Sun (Chord-Melody)
    House of the Rising Sun (Variation 1)
    House of the Rising Sun (Variation 2)
    Lesson 2: Cross-String Fingering
    Lesson 3: Arpeggi-Uke (Cross-String)
    Arpeggi-Uke (Cross-String)
    Lesson 4: Cross-String Rag
    Cross-String Rag
    Lesson 5: Miss Mcleod's Reel
    Miss Mcleod's Reel
    Chapter 7---Rockin' the Uke
    Lesson 1: Song for George
    Song for George
    Lesson 2: Body Percussion
    Lesson 3: Funky Funk Strumming
    Lesson 4: Building a Groove by Layers
    Gloves Off
    Chapter 8---Jazz Improvisation
    Lesson 1: Improvising over Dominant 7th Chords
    Lesson 2: Improvising over Other Types of 7th Chords
    Chapter 9---World Rhythms and Scales
    Lesson 1: Odd Time Signatures
    Lesson 2: Harmonic Minor and Its Modes
    Lesson 3: Balkan up the Wrong Tree!
    Balkan up the Wrong Tree!

    Series: Complete Method
    Author: Greg Horne, Shana Aisenberg
    Instrument: Ukulele
    Format: Book & Online Audio
    Page Count: 224


    The Complete Ukulele Method Complete Edition



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