The Complete Ukulele Method: Intermediate Ukulele

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  • By Greg Horne and Shana Aisenberg / ed. Daniel Ho

    Ukulele Book & Online Video/Audio

    The second book and video in The Complete Ukulele method!
    Intermediate Ukulele is great for ukulele players who have learned the basics and are ready to take the next step. Starting with an easy-to-follow lesson on chord theory, it then covers several major areas of study, including grooves, the blues, playing melodies and chord-melodies, and even jazz! Perform both the melodies and accompaniments for timeless classics like "Amazing Grace" and "Greensleeves." Then start jamming, as you learn to improvise using pentatonic scales. Greg Horne and Shana Aisenberg together with editor and video instructor Daniel Ho make learning easy and fun while you become a true ukulelist!
    * Examples in easy-to-read TAB and standard music notation
    * Songs and solos to practice
    * Special ukulele strums and other right-hand techniques, such as fingerstyle and picking
    * Left-hand techniques, including hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides
    * Topics such as music theory, improvising, and how to practice
    * Lessons on ukulele styles, including folk, Hawaiian, rock, blues, and more!


    About the Authors
    Chapter 1---The World A'Chording to Uke
    Lesson 1: Theory and Major Triad Inversions
    Lesson 2: Minor Inversions
    Lesson 3: Diminished and Augmented Triads
    Lesson 4: Dominant 7th Chords
    Lesson 5: Diminished 7th Chords
    Lesson 6: I-IV-V Progressions Using Moveable Shapes
    Louie's Wild Thing
    Lesson 7: I-vi-ii-V
    There Must Be Fifty Ways (to Leave the Fifties)
    There Must Be Fifty Ways (to Leave the Fifties) in F
    Lesson 8: i-VII-VI
    All Along the Stairway
    All Along the Stairway in D Minor
    Chapter 2---Expanding Your Groove Palette
    Lesson 1: Groove Concepts
    Lesson 2: Rhythms Using Triplets
    Lesson 3: 3+3+2
    Lesson 4: Split Strum
    Lesson 5: Bo Diddley Beat, or Clave
    Lesson 6: 3/4 and 6/8 Time Signatures
    Chapter 3---Kind of Blue
    Lesson 1: 12-Bar Blues
    Lesson 2: 16-Bar Blues
    Lesson 3: 8-Bar Blues
    Lesson 4: Turnarounds
    Lesson 5: Circle of 5ths Blues Progressions
    Salty Dog Blues
    Lesson 6: Jazzin' the Blues
    Lesson 7: 16-Bar Ragtime Blues
    Alice's Red Hot Electric Rag
    Chapter 4---Melodic Playing
    Lesson 1: Open-Position Scales
    Lesson 2: Playing Melodies
    Amazing Grace
    Red River Valley
    Lesson 3: Scales up the Neck
    Lesson 4: Aura Lee
    Aura Lee
    Lesson 5: Oh! Susanna
    Oh! Susanna
    Chapter 5---3rds and 6ths
    Lesson 1: 3rds
    Ode to Joy (Harmonized in 3rds)
    Lesson 2: 6ths
    Ode to Joy (Harmonized in 6ths)
    Chapter 6---Fingerstyle Uke
    Lesson 1: Fingerpicking Patterns
    Lesson 2: Alice's Red Hot Electric Rag (Fingerstyle Version)
    Alice's Red Hot Electric Rag (Fingerstyle Version)
    Lesson 3: Banjo Rolls
    Rolling Down That Long Lonesome Road
    Lesson 4: Fingerpicking in 3/4 and 6/8 Time
    Lesson 5: House of the Rising Uke
    House of the Rising Uke
    Chapter 7---On the Other Hand: Tricks and Techniques for the Fretting Hand
    Lesson 1: Hammer-Ons
    Lesson 2: Pull-Offs
    Lesson 3: Combining Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs
    Lesson 4: Slides
    Lesson 5: Bending Strings and Vibrato
    Lesson 6: Ashgrove (Using Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs)
    Lesson 7: Sitting on Top of the World (Using Sliding)
    Sitting on Top of the World
    Chapter 8---Chord-Melody
    Lesson 1: Chord-Melody Style
    Oh! Susanna (Chord-Melody)
    Lesson 2: Amazing Grace (Chord-Melody)
    Amazing Grace (Chord-Melody)
    Lesson 3: Ashgrove (Chord-Melody)
    Ashgrove (Chord-Melody)
    Lesson 4: Greensleeves (Chord-Melody)
    Greensleeves (Chord-Melody)
    Chapter 9---Getting Jazzy 53
    Lesson 1: Everything You Wanted to Know About Jazz
    Lesson 2: Has Anybody Seen My Uke? (32-Bar Progression)
    Has Anybody Seen My Uke?
    Lesson 3: Uke's Got Rhythm Changes
    Uke's Got Rhythm
    Lesson 4: Gypsy Jazz
    Chapter 10---Let's Jam
    Lesson 1: Jamming On the Blues
    Lesson 2: Pentatonic Scales
    Lesson 3: Soloing Using the Minor Pentatonic Scale
    Lesson 4: Soloing Using the Major Pentatonic Scale
    Lesson 5: Combining Major Pentatonic, Minor Pentatonic, and Blues Scales in a Solo


    Series: Complete Method
    Author: Greg Horne, Shana Aisenberg
    Instrument: Ukulele
    Format: Book & Online Video/Audio
    Page Count: 64

    The Complete Ukulele Method: Intermediate Ukulele



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